The 6 Worst Affiliate Mistakes You’re Making


You don’t have your own product yet and you want to make some money promoting affiliate products. But if you promote affiliate products via email, there is a better than even chance that you are making at least one of these mistakes and it’s costing you money. Imagine if every time you promote a product, you make more money with no more effort because you stop making these mistakes – wouldn’t that be worth exploring?

1. Promoting A Product Without Knowing Much About It
Just because other people are promoting a product doesn’t necessarily mean that you should, too. If you don’t know what it is that you’re selling, it makes sense that you’re going to do a lousy job of promoting it. “Hey, buy this product because other people are buying it so it must be good.” What kind of a recommendation is that?

That’s why you want to either get a review copy from the merchant prior to launch, or buy the product yourself. Then spend time actually using the product. Pick out 3 to 5 things you love about it and highlight these in your promotion.

By reviewing the product prior to promoting it, you’ll discover if it’s something you want to stake your reputation on. After all, if you recommend a shoddy product, your list isn’t going to be happy and your reputation will take a hit. Promote enough shoddy products and you’ll need to change your name and build a new list.

2. Using The Same Promo Copy Everyone Else Is Using
It’s the day of the big launch and you copy and paste the same email a hundred other affiliates are sending to their lists – do you really think your readers aren’t on some of these other lists as well? When they see you’re just a cookie cutter of everyone else, they’re going to recognize your emails as junk and hit the delete button. Even if they are interested in the product, they’re going to find someone else to purchase it from who’s already used the product and can give them the insider’s perspective on what to expect.

When you write your own emails, you stand completely apart from the crowd. While the cookie cutter emails are being ignored, yours are getting read and receiving clicks. Write your own promotional emails with your own unique personality and slant, with sincerity and belief in what you are saying, and you will outperform other affiliates with lists larger than your own.

3. Not Adding Value
Always think of what you can add to the product to produce more value. For example, you can add a product of your own as a bonus, or do a coaching call for everyone who purchases. You might start a mastermind group to help the buyers implement what they learn in the course, or even create a new product to give them as a bonus (which you can then sell to others.)

Always think about how you can add value. Many times it can be as simple as adding a 10 page report or 5 minute video on how to do something step-by-step that is called for in the product.  And be sure the value you add is directly related to the product you are promoting. If the product is how to grow magnificent roses, then a report on the best places to buy rose fertilizer would be perfect, while a video on how to plant asparagus wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

4. Sending Nothing But Affiliate Offers
If you want your emails to get open and read, you’re going to want to mix a good share of content in with your promotional emails. No one likes to be sold to over and over again, yet everyone enjoys getting news, how-to’s and insider advice from a trusted friend. Be the friend, and make sure at least 2/3rds of your emails contain great info. This will build a relationship between you and your readers and also get your promo emails open and read.

5. Hard Selling Instead Of Pre-Selling
As an affiliate, your job isn’t to sell the product – that’s the sales page’s job. You job is to get your readers warmed up to the idea of what the product can do for them, so that 2 things happen: First, they click the link in your email that leads to the sales page. Remember, you’re selling the click, not the product. And second, when they click that link they are interested, eager and possibly even excited to discover more.

6. Not Being Memorable
We touched on this earlier when we spoke of delivering lots of value to your list in the form of content. When you’re known for delivering value, your emails are much more likely to be opened and read. But just having great content isn’t always enough to make you stand apart from the crowd. You also need a hook: Something that makes you memorable to your readers so that each time they see an email from you, they remember exactly who are and why they should open the email.

If you’re like most marketers, you probably assume you already stand out because you know how different you are from other marketers – but do your readers know this? From the day they join your list, you should in some way differentiate yourself. It could be by using a nickname, such as Mr. Overdeliverer (my readers know this name!) Or it could with your own brand, such as “Turbo” (again, my long time readers are well acquainted with the Turbo line of products.)

If you have another profession, you can use that as your hook. One fellow I know was a school teacher and he still refers to himself that way even though it’s been years since he stepped inside a classroom. Another marketer is known as being unorthodox (to say the least) and yet another is known for his hair and his barefoot running. These are all hooks or associations that make them stand apart in their subscriber’s minds from all the other marketers sending them emails.

BONUS Method For Selling More Products Via Email And Blog: Create A Product Sneak Peak Video
This is a video that walks the prospect through the process of purchasing the product you’re promoting, getting to the download page, downloading the product, and even providing them with a sneak peak at the contents. You’re not going to let them see the whole thing of course, but what you’re doing is whetting their appetite and letting them experience what it’s like to get the product. This kind of video can greatly increase your conversion rate because it’s like pulling back the curtain and letting them get a private sneak peak at the goods.

You can review the product live on the video in a helpful way, not selling them but rather acting as their advocate, pointing out what’s included and even showing what’s missing from the product. This makes you highly believable and reduces the prospect’s buying resistance. Plus, once you’ve shown them what the product doesn’t contain but should have, you can then let them know you are providing that missing ingredient as a bonus.

This video provides instant proof that the product is not a scam, which is especially important outside of the Internet Marketing arena where people are more likely to have made fewer online purchases in the past. Providing this sneak peak behind the curtain shows that you in fact purchased the product yourself which instills instant trust that you are offering the unbiased truth. In fact, it presents you as as their buyer advocate, which helps to explain why these videos are so powerful in increasing sales.

Bonus Method 2 For Selling More Products Via Email And Blog:
You can even take this video concept one step further by creating a second video that shows the product in action. For example, if the product teaches how to drive traffic, implement one of the techniques it teaches and then show your readers the before and after of what this technique has done for your traffic and your sales in the last few days. Now that’s powerful!

Creating these videos entails a little bit of extra work. However, they can double and even triple your conversions, especially if you’re not making the other mistakes I covered in this article. And if you’re earning $50 commissions or $500 commissions, the small amount of extra effort is well worth your extra investment of time. Just think – if it takes you 2 hours to create those 2 videos (it should take far less) and you make an extra dozen sales at a $50 commission rate, you’ve just earned $300 an hour.