Making Daily Money from Freebie Seekers


Here’s a clever idea for making money with your list:

You have a list of buyers and list of prospects, right?

Rent out your list of prospects to product owners, advertising their “Product of the Day.”
This is different, because nearly all solo ad sellers won’t let ad buyers send traffic directly to a sales page – they have to send it to a squeeze page.

But some product sellers want to focus only on getting sales, which is where your “Product of the Day” series comes in.
Each day, you rent your list of prospects to product owners. You’re not sacrificing your own buyers, and you’re giving marketers a chance to make sales directly from your list, using your good name for added credibility.

It’s a nice way to monetize all those freebie seekers who for one reason or another aren’t attracted to your products.
Remember, just because they haven’t bought your stuff doesn’t mean they won’t be enticed by someone else’s product.

90% Discount = Tons of Profit

I love this idea: Send out emails or postcards offering a huge discount on one of your products.
In fact, make the discount as big as 90%.

For example, a $200 product would go for $20 with the discount. How can your prospect resist that??
Make the discount extremely time limited, so they must grab it NOW.

And of course, make one or more offers on the backend, because this is where your real profit will be made.
Folks are super excited to get such a huge discount. They’ve just made a purchase, they’re in the buying mood, so…

You hit them with a juicy upsell or two and you’re in the money.