How to Steal Your Competitor’s Customers


So you would love to nab customers from your competition, but you’re finding that it’s not easy to change their buying habits. What to do? This fun video might provide a clue…

Using the video as inspiration, here are 3 ways to change customer buying habits and swing them over to your business…

Make Change Fun: Changing your customer’s buying habits becomes much easier when you can make the process enjoyable. For example, instead of placing your free report on an ordinary white background, use lots of color and shapes like I do in this newsletter to make it stand apart from the crowd. Instead of recording boring talking head videos or screen capture Camtasia videos, go out in the real world and record videos in unusual places with interesting backgrounds and life happening all around you.

Be playful, be different, and engage your customer every step of the way. The more fun it is for prospects to receive your marketing messages and use your products and services, the easier it will be to not only lure them away from the competition, but also keep them coming back to you time and time again.

Be Surprising: A good surprise is fun, pleasant and engaging. It captures interest and holds attention. Research shows that unpredictability activates the part of the brain that anticipates rewards and pleasure, thereby not only getting their attention, but also priming them to expect pleasure from what comes next.

Use Social Validation: There’s nothing like happy people already patronizing  you to induce more people to do the same. If you want to move a herd of cows, you only need to lead a couple of cows and the rest will follow. And if you want ti influence a group of people, you simply show them how much fun or how many rewards a few of them are receiving by patronizing you to get the rest of them to jump in as well. After all, who wants to miss out on all the fun?

Next time you want to change the buying habits of your competitor’s customers, trying using the elements of fun, surprise and social validation, and you might be surprised at how many rush to join you.