How to Make a PLR Killing on JVZoo


You’ll notice on Warrior Plus that special offers have to be original content. But not so on JVZoo.

On JVZoo you can sell pretty much anything.

Which means if you’re new to marketing, or even if you’re seasoned and just looking for some extra cash, you might be able to get it in a hurry.

Here’s how:

Join a good PLR site. It might cost you $47 bucks or so, depending on the site you choose. Don’t look for a bargain here; look for quality stuff. See what they have that’s fairly recent. Anything older than 18 months you probably don’t want.
Based on what you see, choose a theme.

For example, weight loss ebooks. Or social media tips. Or traffic plugins. Grab all the quality stuff that goes with the theme you’ve chosen.

Create a package of it, and offer it on JVZoo.

Immediately promote it to your list and through social media. You’re looking to make some quick sales to get your listing noticed. If affiliates catch on, you can do quite well.

If you make Product of the Day, you could even get another few hundred or even few thousand sales.
And you can set this entire offer up in a day.

Not bad. Consider doing a bundle a month and you have a very nice side income.