How to Deal With an Unsatisfied Client


For self-employed professionals and owners of small businesses, difficult customers are a professional reality. Although you probably rarely make mistakes and treat all the customers with the proper professionalism, sooner or later you will come across a client whose expectations were not met or they will be having some kind of issue regarding your collaboration.

In order to keep your professionalism and control yourself even when you don’t think the customer is not right, you should consider the following steps:

  1. Listen to your customer. Maybe you two simply had different visions about your project. That does not many any of you is right or wrong.
  2. Take your time to think of the response. This advice especially applies to online communication. Do not respond immediately and think of a polite answer.
  3. De-escalate. Rushing into responding to a rude comment on the same way will not help in these situations.
  4. Find the solution and discuss calmly with your customer. There is surely a way that will not affect any of you and perhaps you can continue collaborating in the future.