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From: Paul Counts & Gary Rambo

RE: To People Who Want to Create Audio & Video Upsells But Can’t Get Started!

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

It's true.

You can easily add more money to every sale you make starting as soon as today. And here's how...

Many of you grabbed the PLR to Paul Counts' Six Figure 5-ebook series, downloaded it and added it to your arsenal. But now what? How do you provide even MORE value to your customers? And how can you make even more money with it both quickly and easily ?

Just getting the Six Figure 5-ebook series from Paul, won't do it.

And that’s where the Internet Driven Life's Six Figure Audio and Video series of Six Figure Traffic Blueprints, Six Figure Affiliate, Six Figure Copywriting, Six Figure Reports, and 220 Success Principles comes in.

Today I am giving you access to almost 9 hours and over 110,000 words of done-for-you Audio & Video for Paul Counts' Entire 5-Ebook Private Label Rights Series 

As you know, any credible marketer will tell you that the real money is in back end sales. It is just a fact of life as an online marketer.

And if you're anything like me, you always ask yourself...

"What is the easiest way to cash in on this fact without spending countless hours of trying to create something that you can charge $37, $47 or $97 for?"

The Internet Driven Life's audios & videos of Paul's Six Figure Ebook collection solves this problem instantly for you!

It's a completely natural upsell to anyone that purchases any or all of the PLR ebooks from you. And just imagine how many more sales you can effortlessly make with these high quality audio and video versions of the ebooks from people that are already buying from you.

Honestly, it doesn't get much easier than that.

And here's one more thing...

The Six Figure audio series will allow you and your customers to LISTEN anytime you want to automatically program yourself for success... in your car, while you're exercising or enjoying your favorite coffee.

In short, you can use them wherever you are and while you are doing almost anything.

And for the really serious-minded entrepreneur who wants to get their online business to the level of success most people only dream of... you (or your customers) can watch the videos and imprint this Guru-Level information permanently into your own marketing DNA to awaken that unstoppable internet marketing force that is in all of us.

Here's Everything You'll Get

  • How to build a 6-figure affiliate business following a proven blueprint.
  • Your 14 day action plan! Daily tasks to help you build your affiliate business!
  • At last! Learn how the gurus uncover what's already "hot" so you can start profiting quicker with affiliate marketing!
  • How professional affiliate marketers build their websites from scratch.
  • You'll find out at least 32 ways to generate traffic to your affiliate site.
  • Plus much more is covered including effective outsourcing strategies and more!
  • Uncover how to "supercharge" your sites to increase your traffic.
  • Follow the "Authority Domain" Blueprint to get ranked for long tail keywords and maximize your targeted traffic.
  • The "Offline Gold Blueprint" will change the way you look at how you market your websites! These evergreen methods will get traffic to your offers!
  • Learn the exact way to setup optimized pages.
  • Apply these proven methods to grow your business!
  • Plus much, much more!
  • Simple 6 step strategy to profiting with these simple one page websites!
  • Audio #2 reveals if there is a market for your niche market or not!
  • Learn about the report templates to speed up your path to success!
  • Discover how to effectively create an optin page easily that gets you the results you are seeking!
  • Take your income to the next level by implementing these strategies to grow your business, and ensure you aren't missing out on profitable opportunities.
  • Plus much, much more!
  • Why you can't afford to miss the mark on what is revealed in Video 1.
  • Learn the problem with being too ______ in your copy.
  • You are leaving money on the table if you ignore what is talked about in audio and video #2.
  • Use these tips for creating great headlines that draw in your audience.
  • Plus much, much more!
  • Stop _______ and Strive to reach your ____________.
  • If you don't apply principle #6 it could hold you back from ever achieving anything else again!
  • Principle #21 is a sneaky little trick you can use to immediately improve your quality of life!
  • Leave your ______ and always be __________.
  • These principles are essential to your ongoing success!
  • Plus much, much more!

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You Can:

  • Sell each product for $37, $47 or $97 and use others as an upsell!
  • Rebrand the Six Figure audio and video series and sell as your own!
  • Keep 100% of the profits yourself.
  • Sell the Resell Rights to your customers.
  • Use these products as a bonus to your current offers.
  • Boost your affiliate commissions by using these products as bonuses.
  • Package on a CD and sell on eBay!
  • Use the audios or videos to attract local business owners.

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How To Set Up Your Membership Site to Protect Your Product Downloads ($97 Value)

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Profit Funnel Strategies Mp3 Audios with Resell Rights! ($197 Value)

You Can Never Have Too Many Products With Resell Rights! So included when you buy today is 'Profit Funnel Strategies' MP3 audios. This 6-part Audio series can also make a great bonus simply because everyone wants to Discover How To Make a Solid Income Online and this audio series will tell you how to do just that with the use of sales funnels!!

Let's Recap Everything You Are Getting Today

Over $1,000 in Value

You are getting access to 5 complete PLR ebooks with the audio and video versions, a bonus white label sales video for this PLR package, a bonus video showing you how to set up your products to sell on JVzoo, a bonus video showing you how to add buyers to your buyer's list automatically using singe opt-in with JVzoo, a bonus video series showing you how to set up your membership site, and a bonus audio series to use as a bonus with any product!

  • PLR Videos #1: Six Figure Affiliate ($97 Value)
  • PLR Audios #1: Six Figure Affiliate ($97 Value)
  • PLR Ebook #1: Six Figure Affiliate ($97 Value)
  • PLR Videos #2: Six Figure Traffic Blueprints ($97)
  • PLR Audios #2: Six Figure Traffic Blueprints ($97)
  • PLR Ebook #2: Six Figure Traffic Blueprints ($97)
  • PLR Videos #3: Six Figure Reports ($67 Value)
  • PLR Audios #3: Six Figure Reports ($67 Value)
  • PLR Ebook #3: Six Figure Reports ($67 Value)
  • PLR Videos #4: Six Figure Copy Secrets ($67)
  • PLR Audios #4: Six Figure Copy Secrets ($67)
  • PLR Ebook #4: Six Figure Copy Secrets ($67)
  • PLR Videos #5: 220 Success Principles ($67 Value)
  • PLR Audios #5: 220 Success Principles ($67 Value)
  • PLR Ebook #5: 220 Success Principles ($67 Value)
  • Bonus #1: Audio/Video Upsell Sales Video ($197)
  • Bonus #2: Set up Your Product on JVZoo ($17)
  • Bonus #3: Auto-Generate a Buyer's List ($27)
  • Bonus #4: Set Up Your Membership Site ($47)
  • Bonus #5:Profit Funnel Strategies Mp3 Audios with Resell Rights ($27)

Your Purchase Is 100% Risk Free!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

To prove to you just how much I believe in this offer I am giving you a full 60 days to check out this offer and decide if it is right for you. Just contact my support desk to receive your refund!

You Get Everything On This Page For Only...

Internet Marketing PLR Audio Platinum Package

You Have a Decision To Make...

Will you do what smart marketers do and quickly and easily add upsells to increase your profits? Or will you leave that money on the table?

If you're serious about your business this is a no-brainer for you. Opportunities are lost everyday by those that hesitate.

Will you take action right now and move your business forward today as many others will? Everything you need to succeed is included in this ebook/audio/video PLR package and it is a perfect addition to any product arsenal.

P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose with my 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you aren't 100% happy with the Internet Driven Life's audio/video versions of the Paul Counts' Six Figure PLR 5- EBook series, simply contact me and I'll give you a no-hassle, no questions asked refund.

P.P.S. When you order now you'll qualify for the fast movers bonuses and you'll beat the price increase.

What are your rights to the 5 PLR Ebooks, Audios and Videos?

  • [Yes] Products may be sold separately.
  • [Yes] Product may be bundled with other products.
  • [Yes] Product can be a bonus for another paid product.
  • [Yes] Can be added to paid membership sites.
  • [Yes] Can add bonuses to the Product for sale
  • [Yes] Can be sold as a physical product
  • [Yes] Can be sold as a digital product
  • [Yes] You may put your own name on the sales letter you create.
  • [Yes] You may rename the Product
  • [Yes] You may edit the content of the product
  • [Yes] You may use the source code/material to create new products
  • [Yes] Can translate the ebooks into other languages
  • [Yes] Can sell Resale Rights
  • [Yes] Can be used to make blog content or marketing videos.
  • [NO] You may use the name(s) of the author/creator/seller of the Product
  • [NO] Can be added to free membership sites
  • [NO] Can be given away for free (Can giveaway portions of the products as a teaser)
  • [NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
  • [NO] Can sell Private Label Rights


Internet Marketing PLR Audio Platinum Package