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countsFrom: Paul Counts

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

I was watching “Shark Tank” the other day and one of their billionaire “sharks” Daymond John said something that really stuck with me. “Pioneers get slaughtered, while settlers prosper."

What Daymond meant when he said this was pioneers take a lot of risks. Pioneers are the ones that spend their resources on something unknown. Pioneers are the ones who try to figure out whether or not something will work. They are inventors, they explore new markets, create systems and discover untapped niches.

The only problem with trying to be a pioneer is that there is usually a WHOLE LOT OF failure on the journey to success. Pioneers often lose tons of money and time trying to get it right. They’re works of failure in progress – until they finally succeed.

Good for them!

They risked their happiness, their financial security, time with their families and more just so they could have “Pioneer” on their resume. Whoop-dee-do!

There’s nothing really wrong with trying to be a pioneer... if you know what you’re doing - and you can afford to lose time and tons of money if it doesn’t work out.

Now... let’s talk about settlers.

Settlers listen and watch very carefully. They are listening for the sound of opportunity knocking at their door.

Settlers know when it’s time to watch pioneers trip and fall.

Settlers know when the pioneers are out there sweating and panting, trying to create new systems and models, breaking things, fixing them, and getting them just right.

Daymond John is a settler. He didn’t invent jeans or shirts or hats. He created a brand — Fubu – and sewed the logo onto jeans, shirts and hats. And he made a killing!

That’s what you should do. You should Settle. And you can get rich doing it!



Brainstorming Counts

I have created (yes, pioneered) a product that is DONE FOR YOU.

Wit these 12 Episodes of “Brainstorming Counts” you'll learn everything... and I mean EVERYTHING... I know about making money online with nothing left out in a variety of areas of online marketing.

Simply put - you get to download my marketing brain on audio (with transcripts included!) that gives you actionable, real-world information that you can literally start using today! What you will discover has literally made me a fortune.

You want to make money? Then take something that is already working and do it yourself! Just makes sense, right?!?!

Now I know you're excited to learn more, but think about this first...

Do you have a list of things you want to get done when you start making money? I mean back in the day - before I figured out how to be successful - I had a list of goals. And when the money finally started rolling in, I got it all done.

Maybe your goals are similar to what mine were...

Here’s Just a Few Ways The Information That I Teach Has Changed My Life... And Can Change Yours Too!

  • Get your debt paid off.
  • Secure your retirement fund.
  • Quit your job.
  • Pay for your kids’ college
  • Take vacations. Real vacations. To nice places. No skimping. And no “staycations!”
  • Do what you want...When you want to!
  • Give things to family and friends they have been wanting!
  • PLUS...whatever else you can think of!

You’ve probably tried to be a pioneer in the past. Lots of people want to have the next “BIG THING” or the next awesome push button system.

I’m telling you that it can be very time consuming and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. And by the time you get everything done and ready...other pioneers have beat you to the punch. And it’s incredibly risky.

I know you’re asking “Paul, then why did you “Pioneer” this?” Well, I could afford the risk. I have incredibly successful businesses on my own, so I could afford to risk the time and money. Remember, it’s okay to be a pioneer if you can afford the risk!


So here’s another thing to think about. You might already be a successful marketer. That’s great! How would you like to add something new to your arsenal?

Because this is the really exciting part. You can also SELL “Brainstorming Counts” too and keep 100% of the products! Incredible, huh? So people are getting Brainstorming Counts from you, and using that incredible content to make money for themselves. Sweet!


Here’s What You’ll Get!

  • Mp3 audios by me... Paul Counts!
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  • Audios cover the secrets of internet marketing! Learn, Master and Profit!
  • Tons more!

Look, most people are trying to “pioneer” their way to riches. “Brainstorming Counts” is a “Done for You” way for you to directly download all of my marketing knowledge to your computer and use everything I know about making millions of dollars online!

Failure is in the Past

And here's a simple truth for you...

Everyone has failed.

Some people have failed a lot. Here’s a list of so-called “Failures” ... Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan — all of them failed.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if these people had given up after their failures? There are plenty of people with similar talents and intelligence, but these people knew that quitting wasn’t an option. Not for them.

Like Those 'Famous Failures'... Quitting is Not an Option For You

So here's what you do.

Learn from any failures and leave them in the past. Move forward. Because you’ve got all the foundation you need to succeed right here. The actual content you are getting with Brainstorming Counts” is insanely valuable.

But check this out...

You can make more and more money by rebranding and selling “Brainstorming Counts” as your own!

Just for a moment... envision having authority in your niche! Being a trusted figure — that people will buy from over and over again! You’ll have the tools at your disposal with “Brainstorming Counts.”

What if...

What if just one third of your list bought one of these from you? How much money would you make? How much of that is profit? ALL OF IT! You don’t have employees, you don’t need to pay rent! You are running an internet business! YOU are your own boss!

Look, I used to work the daily grind. Had a sucky round trip commute every day. Sweating it out in an old car that I hoped and prayed would make it back and forth everyday. My boss wasn’t a bad guy, but he wasn’t a leader either. He didn’t inspire me. Man, I would fantasize about being my own boss. Sleeping late, making my own schedule and making the decisions that affected my life.

Have you ever wished you could attend every single one of your kids’ soccer games or music recitals? To finally have the time to sit and enjoy a real meal with your family? I hated missing out on those things.

But all of that is a blur. I learned internet marketing the hard way. From the ground up. I made my share of mistakes and have a list of failures. Eventually I figured out the successful route. I decided to stop trying to “Pioneer” the next big thing. I took what other people were doing and improved upon it. And then I did it over again! And again.

And that’s what you can do today!

You Are Getting 12 Brainstorming Counts Episodes Today - With PLR and Resell Rights!

You can take the incredible information you’ll get with “Brainstorming Counts” and use that information to start (or improve) your online business!

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I have worked really hard to set this up for you. With just a few clicks you will have the information at your fingertips that has literally made me millions of dollars with my internet business.

Here's Just Some of the Online Marketing Gold You Will Get Today That Has Made Me Millions!

  • Sales funnels – covered.
  • Pricing your products – covered.
  • List building and nurturing it – covered.
  • How to “sell” – covered.
  • Successful Joint Ventures - covered
  • Product Positioning - covered
  • Building Relationships for More Profits - covered
  • In short...all the things that have allowed me to sell over $5,000,000 worth of products online!
  • And tons and tons and tons more!!

And you'll learn it all with no jargon and no 'guru' snobbery.

Here's How You Can Start Profiting With Brainstorming Counts Today

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The profit potential for you is almost limitless.

These 12 audios (with transcripts!) can turn into a whole lot of money. Do you think you could find a few ways to spend a couple hundred extra bucks per month? A couple thousand? Dare I say ten-thousand! Well it is possible — with the info you get in “Brainstorming Counts.”

Is your head spinning? Mine is. Wouldn’t it be great to finally lay your head on the pillow at night and KNOW that you won’t have nightmares about getting laid off? You won’t have nightmares about paying your bills? You won’t have nightmares about not being able to send your kids to college. A peaceful night of sleep. No more nightmares.

But the first step is to stop trying to do it yourself. It’s not time to be a Pioneer. It’s time to take a step by step plan, a business in a box – and start making money that way. You can be a pioneer later.

So now you're wondering, “Okay, Paul, how much is this going to cost me?”

Look, I've already made millions online and I want to help struggling marketers “get it right.” So here’s some great news. Your cost for “Brainstorming Counts” is just $47. Yep, you read that right.

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So here are your two choices:

  1. You can do nothing. You can bookmark this page for “Read Later. Do Later. Maybe One Day. Maybe never. Maybe. Maybe.” But putting things off and doing them “later” won’t help you NOW.


2. You can take action today and be one step closer to success. Be one step closer to quitting that job and being your own boss. Make your own money. Make yourself rich, not help some other guy get rich. But you have to do it now. Cause you have to take massive action to see massive results!

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To Your Health and Prosperity!



Paul Counts

P.S. If you’re still reading, you’re still here and you’re wondering how things will look this time next year. Well, they’ll be exactly the same (or worse) if you do nothing. So you should take action right now.

P.P.S. Do one thing for me here. Take a picture of your last paystub or W-2. Save it. And 12 months from now, go back and look at that picture. Will you feel joy, relief and elation? Or will you feel despair and regret! You choose! ACT NOW!

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